Curtains: The Murder Mystery Musical Comedy

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, NY: This weekend brought the closing of the newest Niagara University production, Curtains. Curtains is a musical about a murder onstage of the opening night of a musical.
This play marks the Niagara University’s 50th year running and is this year’s Gala musical.

The play opens in the final moments of the musical within a musical, Robbin’ Hood of the Old West. As the players take their bows, their notoriously awful star passes out. It’s later revealed that she is, in fact, dead. This brings Lt. Frank Cioffi to the scene.

The Niagara University theatre was completely sold out of tickets yesterday and, based on audience reactions, it’s no wonder why that is.
“The musical is just so much fun,” said theatre-goer, Kaylee Leroy. “I loved everything about it! The music is so playful and the actors were phenomenal!”
Kaylee, a theatre major at Niagara University, has seen every show that Niagara University has put up in her time here. Out of all of them, Curtains was one of her absolute favorites. She wasn’t alone in that sentiment.

Michael Quackenbush, a nursing major at Niagara University also enjoyed the show.
“I missed the hockey game but the show was well worth it,” he said after the show. “I’m going to tell some of my friends to go see it. It was hilarious and the stage looked really cool.”

The normal black stage was outlined with a golden proscenium to match the 50’s decor of the show. The characters all wore a multitude of costumes throughout the play for their various scenes.
The director of the show, Steve Braddock, said he was extremely happy he was able to work on such a wonderful show with such a great cast.
“Curtains is a great show,” He said. “I couldn’t have done it without this awesome cast and great technical help. I’m honored to have been able to direct Niagara University’s 50th anniversary Gala Show.”

The musical isn’t all just the actor’s work, however. The crew of the show consisted of a large number of wardrobe and makeup workers and four backstage workers. Adriano Gatto, a theatre adjunct that is helping backstage for the show praised the crew for keeping the show running.
“We faced some challenges with this show, especially tonight,” he said. “We have fly people in harnesses and make sure everyone is safe so there is a lot to look after. This show couldn’t run without this awesome crew. It’s been a lot of fun to work on.”

Niagara University has three to four shows each semester. Show times can be found at